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From teen needs for initial gynecological care, to child birthing years and on through menopause, we can provide you with the individual care and security you deserve for every stage of your life.  


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At Medina OB/GYN, our main objective is providing specialized care that meets your individual needs, giving you the type of attention that can make all the difference to you and your loved ones.

By focusing on the health care of women everything from puberty to menopause, infertility to obstetrics our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the best medical care possible. And not just locally. Anywhere.

Not Just Better Healthcare, It's Smart Care!

Medina OB/GYN is now Summa Physician's Inc. Womens' Health Center Lake Medina

We have moved into our new state of the art facility at the Summa Health Center at Lake Medina.  With the move into the new Lake Medina building Medina OB/GYN will be known as Summa Women's Health - Lake Medina. We will continue to see patients as well at the new Summa office in Wadsworth (Summa Women's Health - Wadsworth). You can be assured that the only change though is for the better. Easier and faster access to world class specialists in pelvic pain, urogynecology, and gynecology oncology. Your four physicians that you have come to trust will continue to work as a single call group. With the addition of electronic medical records in February 2011, as well as better facilities, better service, and easier access to your physicians it's not better healthcare, it's smarter care!

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